Calirosa Cowgirl Rita lollipak


Calirosa Cowgirl Rita lollipak


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The Calirosa Cowgirl Rita lollipak pairs Calirosa Rosa Tequila Blanco with Tepetàn Classic margarita mix and Stirrings Simple Syrup to create one of the best margaritas you will ever drink!  (makes up to 10 -12 cocktails)


The Calirosa Cowgirl Rita lollipak includes:

1 – 750mL Calirosa Rosa Blanco Tequila

1 – Tepetán Classic Margarita Mix (280z)

1 – 12oz Stirrings Simple Syrup

4 – Pink Mini Cowboy Hats

8 – Pink Solo Cups


1.5oz – Calirosa Tequila Blanco

2.5oz –  Tepetán Classic

.25oz – Stirrings Simple Syrup 

Add all the ingredients into a shaker and shake. Rim the glass with red pepper salt. Pour mix over ice and garnish with a little pink cowgirl hat (included). Enjoy! 


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