Community Mosaic IPA


Community Mosaic IPA


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Mar 27 , 10am - 11am | earliest scheduled time

This is not your average IPA!

From the incredible nose, to the amazing finish, this IPA is one that both session drinkers and beer nerds alike will love.

We’re full on board the hopwagon with this big American-style IPA. However, it is not designed to blow your head off with overpowering hop bitterness. Instead, Mosaic IPA is an extremely well-balanced brew that showcases its unique hop aroma and flavor.​ This beer gets its name from a new hop variety named “Mosaic,” which is predominantly where the immense, raw hop aroma and flavor is derived.

Mosaic IPA has a noticeable malt backbone to help soften the high level of hop bitterness and flavor, while keeping the body fairly light. The word “Mosaic” is also representative of the diverse range of individuals that make up our community.


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