Duckworth Truffle Vodka


Duckworth Truffle Vodka


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This original Duckworth Truffle Vodka is the first of its kind. Carefully hand-crafted in small batches from premium 100% pure cane and distilled seven times to perfection, this vodka is kissed with a hint of the prized tuber melanosporum French black winter truffle to create exquisite earthy notes of dried fruit and cocoa. Smooth as silk straight up or in the finest martini, this vodka provides a savory truffle indulgence alone or as a complex note in your most creative cocktails.  

Lee Foster Fuqua made award-winning wines for decades. When he turned his uniquely honed talents to distilling in 2015, this Truffle Flavored Vodka became his third masterful creation and the most highly-ranked vodka in the world by the Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago International Review of Spirits in 2016.

Stop by our distillery to experience this utterly unique vodka for yourself and see why it’s garnered Gold and above three years in a row. Tasting is believing. It’s the best ranked Texas vodka in the world.


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