La Pulga Tequila Blanco (750mL)


La Pulga Tequila Blanco (750mL)


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lollidrop is excited to bring in Ft Worth based La Pulga Tequila! Thirsty for connection, for camaraderie, and for celebration? La Pulga Spirits answers that call, borrowing their name from the vibrant, buzzy atmosphere of the open-air La Pulga flea market in Ft. Worth. Their Tequila Blanco is made using the traditional methods in the highlands of Jalisco; La Pulga is crafted by hand with no additives – just the heart of the blue weber agave and the soul of the land. Each bottle is adorned in the style of alebrije, a beloved Mexican folk art, and your animal spirit is a bronco, symbol of a soul that cannot be tamed. Authentic spirits made slow and smooth, and crafted with the grit of the Fort Worth Stockyards. Get ready for a warm Texas welcome from the heart and soul of Mexico.

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