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Roxor Artisan Gin


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Roxor Artisan Gin is a masterfully distilled botanical gin created by Robert Del Grande, a James Beard awarded chef with a Phd in biochemistry. He is one of the Godfathers of Southwestern cooking and has a long history as one of the top chefs in Texas. Dr Del Grande created Roxor Gin with 12 exotic finishing botanicals that give it its smooth and balanced signature taste.

The beautiful skyline bottle is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Westhope house in Tulsa, OK paying homage to the power of Wright’s creativity, style and taste.

ROXOR’s artisan gin harnesses that same creative, stylistic, and tasteful process by crafting a smooth and delightfully tasting gin. At 90 proof, the fresh zest of lime and grapefruit sit slightly above the Italian juniper, yet allowing the other 9 botanicals to provide extraordinary balance. Del Grande believes real plants make better spirits, so naturally he’s been perfecting this recipe for the past 10 years.


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