Townes Locals Only Passion Fruit Cocktail lollipak


Townes Locals Only Passion Fruit Cocktail lollipak


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lollidrop collaborated with two great local producers to offer this aromatic passion fruit cocktail. It is a refreshing poolside cocktail that will keep you chilled in the Texas heat.

Townes is a great everyday vodka that mixes well with just about everything and El Cantinero is an up and coming mixer brand that bottles the unique flavors of Latin America to create refreshingly good beverages.

Included in this lollipak:
Townes Vodka (750mL)
El Cantinero Amazonian Passion Fruit Mixer (8oz)
Topo Chico (750mL)
2 Limes

How to make:

Build in 10-12oz glass

  1. 2oz Townes Vodka
  2. Pour 0.5oz El Cantinero Passion Fruit Cordial
  3.  Top with Topo chico
  4. quick stir
  5. serve with squeeze of lime



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